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New Almoner Appointed

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It is an honour and a privilege to be the new Almoner of Birnbeck Lodge, for which I have been part of the brethren for over thirty years. For a good many years now I have been Charity Steward for which I have enjoyed with great pleasure. The Lodge managed to attain a Golden Ashlar during my tenure and although I appreciate that that was achieved by the hard work of my predecessors it still made me very proud. Christmas Parties were always fun, only those that were there would understand the term ‘table five’, Angela and Colin Daw were my strength with those wonderful events for which we managed to raise thousands of pounds for charity and have a good time doing it.

Enough about what I have done, what I am going to do is more important, Almoner. I want to keep in touch with our widows, ladies that have given so much support to their husbands during their time at lodge, to be honest, where would we be without them? My predecessor Raymond Petty did so much good work as almoner, experience he brought with him when he was almoner in the fire brigade. If I come close to Ray, I will have done well, and I know Ray will give any support he can, if I ask.

Many years ago when I had a difficult time, the then almoner coming to see me, it meant so much and even then I thought I would like to do that at some time. Many of the brethren that I have been with many years, like me are getting older, their situation and problems may be quite different from the problems that may be found in our younger members, problems never the less, the almoner must be there what ever the situation, if wanted. Health perhaps with the elders, families and finance with the younger, whatever the almoner should be contacted, he is only as good as the support of the lodge. Lets hope for the sake of our Brethren I have a very quiet year, but I will be there if needs be. My first task will be introducing myself to our widows and in turn going to visit, I am looking forward to doing that very much.

Yours Fraternally