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Subscriptions & Costs

Registration Fee.

This is a one-off payment of £85.00 to cover registration with Grand Lodge, purchase of required books etc.

Joining or Re-joining fee.

This one-off fee of £30.00 is payable by people who are already Masons and wish to either join the Lodge or re-join if they were previously a member.

Annual Subscription.

A subscription of £155.00 payable once a year to cover fees for Grand Lodge, Provincial Grand Lodge, contribution to the Freemasons Grand Charity (of which all Brethren are members) and costs of running the Lodge.

Dining Fee.

After each Meeting there is a Festive Board consisting of a four course meal. The fee is £15.00 per member or Masonic guest for all Meetings.


At each meeting we have a secret confidential collection of Alms for Charity. The amount is entirely up to each Brother and can range from £1 or £2 upwards.

Gift Aid.

This is an entirely voluntary, regular (normally monthly), confidential donation to the Lodges charity account. If a Brother pays tax and signs the appropriate form the Lodge can reclaim an additional 25% from the Exchequer. All these funds are donated to various charities.