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Social Events

By its very nature Freemasonry is a social environment and great store is placed on meeting and enjoying each other’s company. In addition to the events previously described and the formal meetings, Birnbeck Lodge has a thriving social programme. These events are overseen by our Social Secretary, who is always willing to receive new ideas for events.

Currently, Birnbeck members have a Supper Club which meets on a regular basis. We have a Dinner and Dance every year called the Ladies Festival, which is primarily organised in honour of our Wives and Partners, to thank them for their support throughout the year. Soon we will be visiting a local brewery and we are hoping to have a skittles match with the other Lodges in Weston, other Visits to interesting locations are also being arranged. As you can see, in addition to our formal occasions we have a varied, interesting and enjoyable social life, specifically designed to include something for everyone.